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27 October
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Updating is fun!! Ok...my name is Christina..and I'm 21..and yeah all that fun stuff. I dont really know what to write in here. Oh yeah..im single once again..John turned out to be an asshole..they all do. Yeah anyways..if you want to add me to your friends list..please ask me first..you have to be cool..hehe. Okay..you all know me most likey..because yeah alot of the people that add me already know me..yeah. Okay..iam done..I dont know what else to write.

Oh you want to know what I look like? I have blonde hair..blue/green eyes..5'9..and 127lbs..im hot! hehe. That was cool to write down..lol. Okay..im bored of doing this now..its no fun anymore..look at all my interests..I like some cool shit..haha. Okay..later.... :)