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I think thats the best way to put it. I havent wrote in this thing in so long..because I never wanted to share my problems with anyone on here..because no one can care less abou them. :) So since im bored..I think its time for me to write in this shitty journal. As you all know..Rob dumped me 3 months fucking hoo. I still love him..yes..but he turned into a different person..and I dont get the change. giving up on him..I will always love him..but I cant keep chasing after someone that doesnt love me anymore..and I really need to move on. I have been seeing someone..were just "friends" Hes cool though..we can talk about anything and he cares about me..hes a really good friend to me.
Anyways..I have been in some shitty situations..I have no money at I wont be able to make my car payment this month..if I dont have the money by the 15th. I went over in my checking account..and I didnt even know I did. I thought I had enough money..those fucking bastards. But it sucks..because I need money real bad..I feel like im totally sucks. Anyone want to lend me some money? hehe.. So umm yea..I need I got a new job finally..I quit cvs because I was tired of it there. I'm working at blockbuster now..and its alot of fun. I work with some cool people..and they all seem really cool. Well what else has happened in my pathetic life? I have been really depressed lately..its werid though when I was on zoloft I was alot worse then iam now. Im more energetic now that im off im glad I stopped taking it. I dont really want to mention something else that has happened because it is personal..but most of you know about it..and it made me so depressed for the longest time. Whenever I think about comes rushing back. I dont want to talk about it on im me or call me and I will tell you about it. I just told my mom about it last night..and she wasnt mad at all and im so glad she wasnt because I thought she was gonna be very disapointed in me. done talking about that because im just gonna make myself cry again.. :( I was up all night crying..I have been such a wreak since Rob broke up with me..and when this thing happened to made it even worse. When I told seemed like he didnt even hurt so bad.
Okay im really done talking about it now. God what crappy three months I have been through. done talking about my personal you all want to read about it. Im gonna get going..I have some things to do..and my friend Kristina is coming over the only girl that still cares about me out of my girlfriends. Later..
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