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Guess who?

So yea...guess who you are and comment!!! Its alot of fun! :) <3!

1. You are so cool..and I miss hanging out with you back in hs..when are we gonna hang out?
2. I miss working with you at walmart..its not the same anymore. I love you..and you are one of my good friends..and we need to hang out real soon.
3. You are like a sister to me..maybe one day we will be sisters...hehe. I love you hunnie!! xoxoxo
4. I miss you I miss you I miss you. I havent seen you in forever!!!!
5. I miss working with you at walmart too. We really need to hang out.
6. You are a god!!! ;)
7. When are we gonna hang out..I havent seen you in months?! I miss you so much! I love you girl!!
8. I love you with all my heart..and nothing will ever change that.
9. You are so good to my have made her so happy! I hope you two stay together forever!
10. You are my best friend in the whole world! I love you!!
11. I miss you..big guy! When are you gonna come down and see me with Angela? I love you!! ;)
12. I miss you girl..remember back in the day..when we both dated Ray? LOL!
13. J-bom rules! I love talking to you girl..we have become good friends..and I hope it lasts! Love ya!
14. Your the coolest! I also miss you very much!! I love you!! When you coming back to michigan? ;)
15. I miss you gonna have to come and see you very soon. I love you..and you are my best friend!
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frrrappichino! so sorry!
Ohoh I am #13? :-P
yep!!! ;-)

Hey check us out! We have played with the following bands:

Reel Big Fish
The Format
My Chemical Romance
Autopilot Off
Catch 22
The Knack

<3 Class Clown -
and we love myspace too!
i miss ya bye