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I love Robbie!! hehehe... :)

Well on Sunday the was 9 months for Rob and I. I am so happy with him..hehe. We were going to go to the races..but Rob wasnt feeling we ended up just staying at his house. Later..we went to the mall..then we went to target it was alot of fun. I got two shirts from target..we also went to apple bee's and Rob bought me dinner it was so sweet. I had a great day with him..even though we didnt get to go to the races. So yea..when we got back to his house..we just hung out there and layed around and watched was fun just being there with him. I love Rob so much..:)
But I have to work 3pm and i'm not really looking forward to it because im tired of my manager..she is such a GRRR..I miss Rob alreay..I dont know what else to talk about..nothing really else has happened. I'm just gonna end it here..and I will update more..when more exciting things happen in my for bed..hehe..
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