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I feel poopy... :(

Hey..its been awhile again since the last time I wrote in this thingy. I'm at Rob's house right now..because on Sunday when I was coming over my car broke really sucked so I had to call him to follow me to his house so I wouldnt stall again. So I have been here since Sunday..and i'm having a great time with him like always. Well I kinda broke the thing where I said I would wait until marriage to have sex with Rob...well we did and I dont regret it because its the best feeling in the world when i'm with him. Its not just sex..its more than that because I love Rob so much. :)
So yeah..Rob is laying on the couch right now..and he looks so cute I just want to go over there and give him a big kiss..hehe. Oh sick too which really sucks. I caught this cold from my sis..and im mad at her for it! LOL! I think that I got Rob sick..I feel bad but he said he didnt care but I still feel bad... :( My nose is so stuffy..Rob has made me take so much medicine today..he just wants me to feel better and I want to feel better also. God..I want Rob so bad..I just want to go over to the couch and jump him! LOL!
Rob is watching "King of the Hill," its such a gay show. We were watching "Family Guy" which is an awesome cartoon. Rob bought me seasons 1 and 2 on our 3 month..and I bought him season 3 awhile we have some fun time watching all the episodes. OKay..well I have to get going because Rob is giving me the look like he wants im out...peace you!

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Holy Crap where have you been lol
Got bored with the whole posting in a I also have been really busy lately with everything. How have you been? Do you still go on aim? If so we should chat sometime.. I have a new sn its Silhouettes82..aight? I will talk to you later...bye!!
Ewww christinaaaa! thats my brother.. i dont wanna hear about that!!! lol-im not even kidding mannn..but it was great seein yah last night..xOoX