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Oh my god..its been forever!!!

I never update in this thing anymore..because i'm always so busy with work and my new bf. Yep..I have a new bf and he is the greatest. His name is Rob..and I love him so much. We have been dating for a month...and two weeks or something like that. He is the best bf I have been with in such along time..he is always there for me through all the rough times that I go through..he doesnt treat me like shit if i'm depressed he will sit there and comfort me until I feel better. I love him so much..that I want to be with him forever..and I have decided to wait until marriage to have sex with him..thats how much I care about him.
Rob is different from all the other guys that I have been with..he respects me and treats me like im a human..not some cheap slut that he just wants to sleep with when he is lonely..(Matt) LOL!! So yeah thats all the good news that has happened to me from the last time I posted..and I dont even know when the last time months ago..haha! So yeah...I am still working at will be 3 years in August..that is terrible..I need to find a better job because I get paid shit at walmart. I only get 8.68 an hour and I have been there for 2 fucking years..its so shitty I tell ya!!! Oh well..I have to get ready now..because Rob is on his way to pick me up..I cant wait to see him. I havent seen him since last Friday..that boy is always sick..but im going to be there for him because I love him and care about him so know? :) Well anyways..gotta go..later..
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