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i'm bored.......   
08:35pm 28/06/2005
mood: bored
Okay so I have some good news..I have a bf. Yep..finally I found the right one that I decided to make more then a friend..lol. Anyways his name is Jud..and he is a good guy and I like being with him. We started dating on the 26th..and we had a great weekend I tell ya it was awesome! hehe. So yea...my weekend was cool. I dont really know what else to talk about..I told you most of the shit that already happened this weekend...so im out later everyone. ;)

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04:42pm 25/06/2005
mood: cheerful
Okay I know I dont update on this thing anymore..because I really dont have anything to talk about and I have been really busy. Well good news..im seeing someone that I really like his name his Jud..:) He makes me happy and he makes me laugh too. I really hope things lead to more..cuz i'm really ready to move on and I like him alot to start a relationship. I just really hope he comes around..hehe. Well right now i'm at his house..and were watching the Italian Job..but i'm not really paying attention to it because im on Jud's laptop and im updating in livejournal..cuz i'm a big dork..lol.

Anyways..I have two jobs now and its stressful but its okay because i'm making money. I work at blockbuster and kmart..I have more hours at kmart then I do at blockbuster. So yea..im just chillin and shit..I went out to eat last night at the Olive Garden with Jud it was fun..and so sweet. I dont really know what else to talk about..ummmm...Jbom is gay i'm not part of that shit anymore. Everyone in the fucking club gained on me..because of the whole issue with Jon Fisher. He totally dis-owned me because I had DRAMA..AND BLAH BLAH BLAH! Oh well I really dont care..I just didnt tell any of you on livejournal so I thought I would tell you. LOL! Jud looks annoyed..because im on his computer..oh well he can suck my balls..hahahaha if I had any! JK. So anyways..I hate Rob Weis my ex as you all know about him..because I used to write about that fucker all the time in here..saying "Oh how much I love him and we are gonna last forever and get married.." and BLAH BLAH BLAH!! Well he doesnt talk to me anymore..and I could careless because im finally happy and moved on with someone I could have a future with..and I hope that happens.

Okay this post is getting really long..and I want to cuddle with Jud..cuz he looks so lonely over there sitting on the couch while im sitting on the bed typing in lame journal..lol. Okay I always say that..but then I sit and update anyway..im such a hipicrite..lol. Okay well im out..I will update later when I have more to talk about..Later all my peeps! LOL!

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i'm bored!   
01:59am 19/06/2005
mood: bored

[Color] blue, silver,and black.
[Number] 8.
[Animal] Tigers.
[Vehicle] Audi TT, Pontiac G6, Nissan 350z.
[Flower] red roses.
[Scent] cucumber melon.
[Drinks] orange juice, and kool-aid jammers.
[Soda] mountain dew, and code red mountain dew.
[Book] The Traveling Pants series, and The Left Behind series.
[Band] Linkin Park, Smile Empty Soul.
[Song] "My December" by Linkin Park.

Do you...

[Color your hair?] Yes..and I need to stop its frying my hair. lol.
[Twirl your hair?] no..lol.
[Have Piercings?] yes, my belly button, two holes in the ears, and my cartilidge on top of my ear.
[Have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both?] No, but im seeing someone. ;) Its not official yet.
[Cheat on tests/homework?] yea I have in the past..
[Drink/Smoke?] I drink occasionally, and I dont smoke anything.
[Like roller coasters?] Oh god I love them..their such a rush!
[Wish you could live somewhere else?] I might be moving to Texas, but I would like to live in Hawaii.
[Want more piercings?] yes..I want my nose pierced.
[Like cleaning?] HELL NO!
[Write in cursive or print?] Print..I hardly write in cursive.
[Own a web cam?] yes..
[Know how to drive?] Yes..lol.
[Diet?] lol Nope..but I eat healthly to stay the way iam. ;)
[Own a cell phone?] yep.
[Ever get off the damn computer?] yes..lol. I am harldy on cuz I work to much..

Have you ever...

[Gotten a speeding ticket?] nope..knock on wood..haha.
[Been in a wreck?] Yes..but I wasnt driving my friend Laurie was..she was going about 35 when it was rush hour traffic..and she looked away for a minute and rear ended the guy in front of her. I bit my lip pretty hard..and it bled. It was the day before her wedding too..which sucked..but we were all fine.
[Been arrested?] Nope..im a good girl. ;)
[Been in a fist fight?] Yes...when I was in 8th grade I used to have alot of girls that hated me..and I got in a fight like everyday! lol.
[Kicked someone in the nuts?] Nope..but I punched my ex Ray in the nuts..lol.
[Stolen anything?] Yes..and I got caught and never did it again.
[Held a gun?] Yes..it was cool. lol.
[Drank?] yes..
[Been so drunk you couldn't remember your name?] No way..
[Considered a life of crime?] yea..haha no im kidding. ;)
[Considered being a hooker?] No...but they do make good money. haha..
[Cheated on someone?] Nope..and I never will.
[Cried over a girl?] no not really..when me and my sister fight I feel bad for some of the shit I say..and I cry.
[Cried over a boy?] God yes.. *rolls eyes*
[Lied to someone?] Yes..and I hate the feeling.
[Been in love?] Yes..once. :(
[Fallen for your best friend?] haha..no my best friend is Kristina.
[Made out with JUST a friend?] yes..lol. kinda a mistake too...led to other things and now he hates me. :(
[Been rejected?] Yes..and it hurts. :(
[Been in lust?] yep..hehe.
[Used someone?] Yes..hehe.. ;)
[Been used?] I think so. But guys have a different defintion for it..lol.
[Been cheated on?] Nope. that I know of..lol.
[Been kissed?] Yes..
[Experimented with homosexuality?] No I havent..and I would admit it if I did.


[Current mood] kinda tired..getting over my hang over..lol. and I need to go to bed soon..I work early.
[Current taste] like I need to brush my teeth..yucky.
[Current hair] in a pony tail..
[Current thing I ought to be doing] Sleeping..
[Current cds in stereo] The black eyed peas..monkey business.
[Current crush] Mr. Jud Long..hehe. ;)
[Current job] Kmart..and blockbuster.

The last time...

[Last book you read] From the Left Behinds series..book 2.
[Last movie you saw] I just seen White Noise..good movie.
[Last thing you ate] Oatmeal Crisp cereal.
[Last person you talked to on the phone] Nate..

Do you...

[Do drugs?] No way..not anymore. learned my lesson from that shit.
[Have a dream that keeps coming back?] Nope..
[Play an instrument?] I want to learn how to play guitar..
[Believe there is life on other planets?] I dont know..and I really could careless..lol.
[Remember your first love?] Yes..:(
[Still love him/her?] Yes I do..but you gotta move on.
[Read the newspaper?] sometimes..
[Have any gay or lesbian friends?] Yes..my friend Dan I work with him at blockbuster.
[Believe in miracles?] yes..and no.
[Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?] Yea..thats how I was raised. :)
[Consider yourself tolerant of others?] yea..but when I have drama..they usually cant deal with it..lmao.
[Consider love a mistake?] Nope.
[Have a favorite candy?] Take 5, and Reeses of course.
[Believe in astrology?] Nope.
{Believe in magic?] Nope.
[Believe in God?] Yes I do.
[Do well in school?] Yea..lol.
[Go to or plan to go to college] yes..someday.
[Wear hats?] Not really...
[Hate yourself?] yes..when im in a depressed mood and wish I was never alive.
[Have an obsession?] yes..hehe. I love kirsten dunst..and linkin park. :)
[Have a secret crush?] *cough Jud cough!* lol. ;)
[Do they know yet?] Yes..hehe.
[collect anything?] The ticket stubs from movies, and the bratz dolls..hehe.
[Have a best friend?] Yes..Kristina.
[Like your handwriting?] Yes I do..its fun and bubbly..hehe. ;)
[Care about looks?] Sometimes..but personality is more beautiful.

Love life:

[First crush] Hmm..oh It was this guy named Jim. Through 7th and 8th grade..I loved him so much and wish I was with him. But I never got to be with him..which sucked. :( hehe..
[First kiss] haha..8th grade with my step brothers friend Doug..well that was my first french kiss..regular kiss I dont remember.
[single or attached?] Single..but hopefully not for long. *wink wink!* ;)
[Ever been in love?] Yes..only once though.
[Do you believe in love at first sight?] Nope..I feel you have to get to know the person before you can say your in love..but I believe in lust at first sight.
[Do you believe in "the one?"] Yes..and I hope I find them someday.. ;)
[Describe your ideal significant other] Great personalitly, sense of humor, tall, dark hair, beautiful eyes, just like me... ;) ummm Jud? lol.

Juicy stuff...

[Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing?] yes...bad memories..
[Are you a tease?] yes..all the time. lol.
[Shy to make the first move?] Yes..but if the guy doesnt make the move..I get inpatient and just do it. hehe.

Are you a...

[Wuss] Not at all.
[Druggy] Nope..
[Daydreamer] yes..I think way to much.
[Freak] yep.. *wink wink*
[Dork] I'm always a dork..just like Jud..haha. ;)
[Bitch/Asshole] Oh im a bitch all the time..thats why I dont have many friends..lol.
[Brat] Yes..but im more bitchy. read above..lmao.
[Sarcastic] oh im always sarcastic..
[Angel] Sometimes.. ;)
[Devil] All the time..lmao.
[Shy] Nope..not as bad as I used to be when I was younger.
[Talkative] Yes..when I get into conversations.
[Flirty] Yep..hehe..

Fill out and post in comments..I want to know everything about you. ;)

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03:23am 08/04/2005
mood: cheerful
A is for age: 22
B is for booze: hmm...I would have to say labatt blue.
C is for career: I work at blockbuster..not really a career..lol.
D is for dad's name: Allen Lyle Gobie Sr.
E is for essential items to bring to a party: me, my purse and some clothes if I stay the night.
F is for favorite song at the moment: Straylight run..forge the name of the song..but I love it.
G is for girlfriend: im a girl..so no I dont have a gf..lol.
H is for hometown: Galveston, TX
I is for instruments you play: I used to play violin..and I want to learn guitar.
J is for jam or jelly you like: Strawberry, or grape.
K is for kids: no kids right now..but I do want two in the future.
L is for living arrangements: with my parents still..blah!
M is for mom's name: Ivy Alice
N is for name of your best friend: Kristina..Laurie..and now Jermaine. hehe..:)
O is for overnight hospital stays: none..
P is for phobias: spiders..
Q is for quote you like: its more of a song verse "I tried so hard..and got so far..but in the end..it doesnt even matter." -Linkin Park
R is for relationship that lasted longest: 1 year.. :(
S is for sexual position: doggy, but I like standing up while getting it from the back..:)
T is for time you wake up: I always sleep so late..
U is for unique trait: I can do a back bend without a spotter..lol.
V is for vegetable you love: Broccoli, and corn on the cob.
W is for worst trait: attitude..
X is for x-rays you've had: havent had any..but I might of when I was young when I broke my collar bone.
Y is for yummy food you make: I dont make much food..but I made truffles once..they were so good.
Z is for zodiac sign: Scorpio

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02:39am 08/04/2005
mood: horny
Okay today (well yesterday)I slept most of the day..and then my friend Jeff came over and we went to the movies and seen "Sin City." That movie sucked..I didnt like it. So after that..we went to Ram's horn and ate..I had alot of fun. Now im home..and im doing nothing. I have to work today at 4:30pm..I really dont want too but oh well..I need money because im broke. I cant wait until Sunday..im going to Mid-Michigan Motorplex..to race my car its gonna be alot of fun. For everyone that doesnt know..I got a new car..2004 Cavalier LS black..its such a fun car. So im gonna be doing that on sunday..im so excited! Im following my friend Jon down there..because if I go myself I will get lost..and its a two hour drive!

So im working at blockbuster now..the one off of richardson rd. and union lk rd..and its alot of fun so far. I work with mostly guys..and they seem really cool. There are two other girls that I work with..and they seem cool too..but for some reason I work better with guys..just cuz I get along better with guys..hehe. Oh yea..on Weds I hung out with my friend Kristina..and she brought me subway..and she lent me $80 dollars so I can pay my car payment this month..and I thought that was really nice of her. My friend Jermanie lent me $150 dollars..and that was was really nice of him too. I didnt realize I had such nice friends..hehe. I guess some people care about me. Thanks Kristina and Jermaine..you guys are good friends..and thanks for caring about me. *hugs!*

Iam so bored..I wish Jon would get online so I can talk to him..hehe. Im talking to my friend Jermaine..and Jay online right now..its so much fun. hmmm..I wonder what im going to do today..its friday and I work but I dont know what time I get off..so maybe I will get to hang out with someone special.. ;) Well im gonna end my update for the day..cuz I need to get to bed soon since I work and all..so goodnight everyone. Later..

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07:47pm 03/04/2005
mood: groggy
I think thats the best way to put it. I havent wrote in this thing in so long..because I never wanted to share my problems with anyone on here..because no one can care less abou them. :) So since im bored..I think its time for me to write in this shitty journal. As you all know..Rob dumped me 3 months ago..bo fucking hoo. I still love him..yes..but he turned into a different person..and I dont get the change. Anyways..im giving up on him..I will always love him..but I cant keep chasing after someone that doesnt love me anymore..and I really need to move on. I have been seeing someone..were just "friends" though..lol. Hes cool though..we can talk about anything and he cares about me..hes a really good friend to me.
Anyways..I have been in some shitty situations..I have no money at all..so I wont be able to make my car payment this month..if I dont have the money by the 15th. I went over in my checking account..and I didnt even know I did. I thought I had enough money..those fucking bastards. But it sucks..because I need money real bad..I feel like im poor..it totally sucks. Anyone want to lend me some money? hehe.. So umm yea..I need money..lol. I got a new job finally..I quit cvs because I was tired of it there. I'm working at blockbuster now..and its alot of fun. I work with some cool people..and they all seem really cool. Well what else has happened in my pathetic life? I have been really depressed lately..its werid though when I was on zoloft I was alot worse then iam now. Im more energetic now that im off it..so im glad I stopped taking it. I dont really want to mention something else that has happened because it is personal..but most of you know about it..and it made me so depressed for the longest time. Whenever I think about Rob..it comes rushing back. I dont want to talk about it on here..so im me or call me and I will tell you about it. I just told my mom about it last night..and she wasnt mad at all and im so glad she wasnt because I thought she was gonna be very disapointed in me. Anyways..im done talking about that because im just gonna make myself cry again.. :( I was up all night crying..I have been such a wreak since Rob broke up with me..and when this thing happened to me..it made it even worse. When I told Rob..it seemed like he didnt even care..it hurt so bad.
Okay im really done talking about it now. God what crappy three months I have been through. Anyways..im done talking about my personal life..like you all want to read about it. Im gonna get going..I have some things to do..and my friend Kristina is coming over the only girl that still cares about me out of my girlfriends. Later..

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Guess who?   
12:33am 16/01/2005
mood: bored
So yea...guess who you are and comment!!! Its alot of fun! :) <3!

1. You are so cool..and I miss hanging out with you back in hs..when are we gonna hang out?
2. I miss working with you at walmart..its not the same anymore. I love you..and you are one of my good friends..and we need to hang out real soon.
3. You are like a sister to me..maybe one day we will be sisters...hehe. I love you hunnie!! xoxoxo
4. I miss you I miss you I miss you. I havent seen you in forever!!!!
5. I miss working with you at walmart too. We really need to hang out.
6. You are a god!!! ;)
7. When are we gonna hang out..I havent seen you in months?! I miss you so much! I love you girl!!
8. I love you with all my heart..and nothing will ever change that.
9. You are so good to my girl..you have made her so happy! I hope you two stay together forever!
10. You are my best friend in the whole world! I love you!!
11. I miss you..big guy! When are you gonna come down and see me with Angela? I love you!! ;)
12. I miss you girl..remember back in the day..when we both dated Ray? LOL!
13. J-bom rules! I love talking to you girl..we have become good friends..and I hope it lasts! Love ya!
14. Your the coolest! I also miss you very much!! I love you!! When you coming back to michigan? ;)
15. I miss you hun..im gonna have to come and see you very soon. I love you..and you are my best friend!

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email address   
02:46am 07/11/2004
mood: amused
You wanna write me a pretty poem..or something real nice? Then give me a holla at Silhouettes82@gmail.com hehe..Just thought I would give you all my new email address..okay im gonna go to bed..goodnight...lol.

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I love Robbie!! hehehe... :)   
01:06am 25/10/2004
mood: loved
Well on Sunday the 24th..it was 9 months for Rob and I. I am so happy with him..hehe. We were going to go to the races..but Rob wasnt feeling good..so we ended up just staying at his house. Later..we went to the mall..then we went to target it was alot of fun. I got two shirts from target..we also went to apple bee's and Rob bought me dinner it was so sweet. I had a great day with him..even though we didnt get to go to the races. So yea..when we got back to his house..we just hung out there and layed around and watched tv..it was fun just being there with him. I love Rob so much..:)
But I have to work today..at 3pm and i'm not really looking forward to it because im tired of my manager..she is such a bitch..lol. GRRR..I miss Rob alreay..I dont know what else to talk about..nothing really else has happened. I'm just gonna end it here..and I will update more..when more exciting things happen in my life..lol..goodnight..time for bed..hehe..

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journals are gay...lol. :)   
07:51pm 19/10/2004
mood: cold
Well its been awhile since the last time I wrote in here...(damn I say that alot when I havent updated..lol.) So things have been alright..Rob and I are doing great..but I dont know if all of you on my friends list knows what happened a couple of weeks ago with Rob. If not..I will explain. Well Rob wasnt acting like himself..so his dad was worried and took him to the hospital..(its a long story so im gonna make it short..lol) and he was just being so weird..so the doctor told his dad to take him to Haven Wick. So his dad took him..and they had to have him stay for observations..and it turned out that Rob is manic depressed..and bi-polar. I was so worried about him..I didnt see him for a whole week..because he was afraid of what I might think..if I seen him like that. He was worried that I would cry..and it would make him upset..so im glad that he did that..because I would of been a mess if I seen him. I kept him touch with his mom..and his sister..and they told me how he was doing. Hes out now..and much better..he is on medication now..he has some problems falling asleep..but hes doing alot better. I just have to be careful..not to stress him out..because I dont want him to go to the hospital again. But yea..hes okay..He is acting like himself now..and things between us are wonderful. I love Rob so much..but yea..anyways..
I was over his moms house for the weekend with him..and we just hung out and cuddled..Britt his sis was there..and her bf Jay..and we all just talked and had a good time. I love Britt..she is so cute..hehe. But yea..sweetest day was cute..Rob got me the cutest card..and I gave him a big hug and kiss. I got him a card..a huge caramello candy bar..and a stuffed doggy..it was so cute so I had to get it for him..hehe. I wasnt feeling good on Friday night..because I was cramping..because my period was coming soon. So I couldnt sleep at all..Rob couldnt either..a side effect he has from his medication is that he always wakes up in the middle of the night..worried and doesnt know where he is..and he is scared cuz he had some kinda nightmare. So that worries me..alot. But yea..I couldnt sleep..then the next day I got my period..and I was feeling like hell. So Sunday strolls along..and i'm up all night..having the worse cramps ever..and I dont get any sleep..so I call in the next day because I cant move..and I feel like im going to puke. I also couldnt fall asleep because Rob has a breathing problem or something..because he sleeps with his mouth open..and breathes really loud..its so annoying!! LOL! But yea..that was the worse part of the weekend..but other then that it was awesome..cuz I was with the love of my life..hehe.
So yea..I had to work 11-5 today..and it was so busy today..and no one cares about photo except Adam and I..and people sit there and dont offer to help ring on register when we are swamped with photos..I wish I was still working at walmart..it was so much easier..and you didnt have to worry about being by yourself all the time. But yea..my manager Lynn is a bitch..and I cant stand her. She talks to me so rude..and treats me like im a little kid..she will ask me questions on how to do something..and I already know how to do it. I hate her!! I also hate asking the same question for every customer..."Do you have your cvs card today?: SO ANNOYING!! LOL! Okay im done bitchin..I really bored right now..I want to see Rob but he has plans to sit at home on his ass...lol. jk..I love you hunnie! LOL!
Okay...well I think im gonna go..because I need to stop babbling so much..so yea comment if you want..love ya all..god its cold!! LOL...later..

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12:17am 16/09/2004
mood: depressed
Wow its been awhile..since the last time I wrote in here. Hows everyone doing? Well I hope better then me. I'm having some problems..that I wish I could get some help about but I cant because I dont have insurance to cover it..doctors..dentist..etc. It pisses me off that I cant see a doctor for what is happening in my life right now..im so depressed with everything (except for Rob) that it is making my social life crappy. I dont have many friends that I talk to anymore..or hang out with anymore. I'm tired of the way I feel all the time. I wish it would all just go away..im tired of it. Rob is the only thing in my life that is making me happy..he is there for me when I need him and he is trying to get me some help..so I can feel better. Like yesterday for instance..I was talking to this old friend (well hes not really my friend anymore) online..and everything was fine until he called me a whore..and a bunch of other horrible things/names..that really hurt my feelings. He said he hates me because I wont fock him ( I dont swear anymore..its overrated..lol.) I think that is the most dumbest thing I have ever heard in my life. He is just jealous because I dated his friend and not him..(for people that want to know who im talking about..its not important..I dont really want to say names here.) I'm just tired of people hating me all the time for no reason..I dont get what I did to deserve this. :(
Rob is the best..and I love him so much..and when im having a bad day..and I get to hear his voice at the end of my day..it makes me feel a whole lot better. I'm so glad that I found the one..because he is there for me through everything. I love you Robert Scott Weis...:) Anyway..im just tired of all the crap that has happened to me..I just want to say thank you Rob for everything that you have done. You are truly the best..and I want to be with you forever. Okay..change of subject...my mom and I have been getting along better. She sent me this email the other day and it was beautiful..it made me cry. It was one of the songs she wants played at her funeral when that time comes. It was called "When that day comes" (When she dies and goes to heaven.) Well yea..so im happy that were getting along so much better....
My sister is having some issuses with her bf Jim..and he makes wrong choices all the time and she sits there and takes it. God I wish for once she could find the right guy..or at least stop giving handouts and let jim do things on his own. So yea..I feel for her..I hope things get better. Damn its hott in here...lol. I should probably get going because I have to work at 8am..and I need some sleep. Sorry for babbling so much..im just tired of my life and how sucky it is..well except for Rob of course..hehe. Alright well im off to bed..goodnight everyone. Please comment if you want...later..

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05:35pm 22/08/2004
mood: annoyed
At Robs house right now..not much been going on just been sitting around watching him do crap to his car. We went to Burger King..and now im just sitting her doing nothing..and talking to my friend Kyle online. I want to play baskeball so bad..but I cant play because the guys are selfish and wont let me..plus I dont have tennis shoes. Oh well..I guess im stuck just watching again..well I will update more im about to leave and be bored as hell..and Rob is complaining again that his stomach hurts..and everything else...lol. Okay..yea im out..I will update whats been going on next time I post. Later...

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03:17am 03/08/2004
mood: sleepy
I never write in this damn thing anymore..only when I am super bored and want to tell you all whats been going on. So yea..i'm still with Rob its been 6 months now..and im very happy with him he is the bestest! I was over his house today..and Kyle and Rachel came by and we ate Taco hell..yummy! LOL! It was alot of fun..Rachel is really cool..I can talk to her about things that I usually cant talk to someone that I just met..lol. But anyways..I got a new car finally..a 2004 Cavalier LS and I got in brand new might I add that in..hehe. Its black..and I love it. Rob wants to help me mod it out..to make it look alot cooler..but not right now because I need to save my money because I have a car payment and insurance. So yea..im really happy that I got a new car..I can actually drive places now. Oh on the 1st I went and seen Angela..that I havent seen in like 2 years..it was great to see her again. We went and visited Dave S. and it was fun..we just sat there and talked. Then I drove home..and didnt get home until 1:30 am or something like that..I dont remember.
So yea..I am working at CVS now..it will be two months on the 27th or something..not sure when I got hired in. Oh yea..I paid off my credit card bills finally..I cant pay off my national city card though because the balance is pretty high..lol. Rob has been helping me out alot lately..we were having some problems a month ago..and we had to take a break. But we worked it out..and were alot closer now..and its awesome. I love him so much..and im glad that im with him.
Oh I got my nails done on Saturday..hehe. My sister is working with Max..so thats cool that she got a job finally so she can get money..lol. I need to find another job..or get more hours so I can make my payments on my car and stuff..its gonna be a lot tougher now..but I can do it. Then when all that shit is taken care of..im gonna get my own place..and Rob (I hope) will be moving in with me too. I went to see Robs therapist Chuck a couple of weeks ago with Rob..and it was nice to sit there and talk to someone..because I have been really depressed lately..and it really sucks. I have been doing alot better lately..with Rob there and all..and my parents. I'm getting along better with my mom now..we dont fight as much. Oh oh..when I went down to see Angela..I went and visted my dad too..and I talked to my grandma..it was really nice to see them because I really did miss them alot.
I'm glad things are alot better for me now..I just need some medication and everything should be good. I want to to talk to someone..and I need medical insurance so I can get benefits..and I need to be working full time..since I got fired from walmart I dont have medical insurance anymore..or dental. So yea..I need to get that taken care of also. Damn it..lol. I should probably get some sleep..its like 3:30 am..damn!! Okay..well goodnight BitCHeS!!! Hahaha!! BYe!!

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04:14pm 09/06/2004
mood: crappy
Oh wow..so much shit has gone down in the past month.I'm no longer working at walmart anymore..they fired me for the stupidest reason.but in a way im glad that they fired me because I was so sick of that place. Anyways...I have been looking for a new job..and its taking some time and its hard because not that many places are hiring. So yea..I have been hanging out with Rob alot and things are going great. I love him so much and he wants to help me with everything..so yea. I really dont know what else to type about..oh last Friday I got really drunk..it was tons of fun and afterwards was great too..hehehe. I was with Rob..and he took care of me..because I was gone..lol. I had to go to the store to buy some more drinks..because we ran out. Rob was getting alittle annoyed with me being mean..I dont remember what I said but I felt bad...hehe. So yea..he came over Monday..and we just hung out and talked for most of the part.
He went home at 2:30am..and then I went to bed and fell asleep because I was really tired. I was up at 9:00am because I had a job interview with Rite Aid..but I dont think I got the job because they havent called me back. CVS called me today..and I have an interview with them on friday..at 3:00 pm..so yea thats going to be good..because I really need to get a job like right now..so I hope I get the job. Well..I dont know what else to talk about so im gonna get going...peace!!

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do you know me?   
03:36am 30/04/2004
mood: exhausted
1. Who are you?
2. Are we friends?
3. When and how did we meet?
4. How have I affected you?
5. What do you think of me?
6. What's the fondest memory you have of me?
7. How long do you think we will be friends?
8. Do you love me?
9. Do you have a crush on me?
10. Would you kiss me?
11. Would you hug me?
12. Physically, what stands out?
13. Emotionally, what stands out?
14. Do you wish I was cooler?
15. On a scale of 1-10, how hot fucking amazing am I?
16. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
17. Am I loveable?
18. How long have you known me?
19. Describe me in one word.
20. What was your first impression?
21. Do you still think that way about me now?
22. What do you think my weakness is?
23. Do you think I'll get married?
24. What makes me happy?
25. What makes me sad?
26. What reminds you of me?
27. If you could give me anything what would it be?
28. How well do you know me?
29. When's the last time you saw me?
30. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't (if so. do it.)?
31. Do you think I could kill someone? who?
32. Are you going to put this on your LiveJournal and see what I say about you?

Just fill out.. copy and paste this in the comments..and see what you know about me. :) Yay fun time!!!

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02:41am 30/04/2004
mood: cranky
Well things were pretty crappy the other day when I was at work. Before I was ready to go home..Kristen my manager called me up to Scott's office (hes the store manager.) So I finished helping a customer..and I go up there to see what Kristen wants. I kinda had a feeling of what was going to happen..so I didnt care. So Kristen goes into this whole scenerio of how I dont do my job..all that I did was forget to take some boxes to the back..and "supposely" I forgot to sweep and mop which I did. I was really pissed because they wouldnt even let it go..all they said was "were running a job here..your not supposed to bring your personal problems to work." Kristen really hates me..and she is finding a reason to fire me..and I dont think its fair because no one else in the photo lab gets in trouble if they do something wrong..its like Kristen is always picking on me.
So yea..another reason I was in the office was because I called in on Monday because I couldnt find a ride to work. Rob was sick..(I was at his house spending the night..so I asked him to take me to work..)so he couldnt take me..so I called some people and no one could take me so I had no choice to call in. My car has been acting up..and its really starting to piss me off because it always stalls when I go to drive it far. So I didnt want to drive..oh well Kristen is a bitch and I am not talking to her anymore.
So to end the story short..I got a decision day (its where you dont come in on your next scheduled day..and you get paid for sitting on your ass at home..)and I have to write a letter explaining why I want to keep my job..which I think it is really gay. Its like im in grade school or something..please can we be anymore immature? I really hate working at walmart..I get paid shitty and the people that work there are all stupid idiots. Oh and you know what else sucks? My three year raise is coming up in August..and I dont even get it because of the fucking decision day in my file! WALMART SUCKS!!!! I'm looking for a new job real soon..I got an application from costco and I just need to turn it in.

Okay enough about work..I hate that place. Rob and I got in a fight on Thursday..because I wanted him to come over and he didnt feel good again. I took it the wrong way like I always do..and yelled at him..I felt really bad because I said "fuck you" and I never talk to him like that. :( I was just in a bad mood..because of work and I didnt do anything all day except sleep and sit on my ass and watch "family guy." I shouldnt of took it out on him..so he called me back and I aplogized a million times. Seriously..if I keep acting like this to him..im gonna lose him. I love him so much..and I dont want to see something like this happen just because im a dummy and blew it..because of my rude mouth. I love Rob..and I want a future with him one day..so I really gotta stop taking stuff out on him..because he doesnt deserve it at all. I just feel really bad for him..because he is always sick and I dont know what to do..I worry about him all the time and I wish I could help him. Anyways..I was over his house Wednesday and we just hung out there and talked and stuff..I love spending time with Rob.
So yea..thats all that has happened to me from the last time I updated. I hope thingd get better for me..because I really need to get my life on track because im not succeeding at all right now. I really hate my life..and I wish it was better. The only thing good in it right now is Rob..he makes me happy and I want him to be there by my side through everything and I want to be there for him also. Well..I think this is getting to long..so i'm gonna get going. Aight later ya'll..lol!


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I feel poopy... :(   
12:20am 27/04/2004
mood: blah
Hey..its been awhile again since the last time I wrote in this thingy. I'm at Rob's house right now..because on Sunday when I was coming over my car broke down..it really sucked so I had to call him to follow me to his house so I wouldnt stall again. So I have been here since Sunday..and i'm having a great time with him like always. Well I kinda broke the thing where I said I would wait until marriage to have sex with Rob...well we did and I dont regret it because its the best feeling in the world when i'm with him. Its not just sex..its more than that because I love Rob so much. :)
So yeah..Rob is laying on the couch right now..and he looks so cute I just want to go over there and give him a big kiss..hehe. Oh yea..im sick too which really sucks. I caught this cold from my sis..and im mad at her for it! LOL! I think that I got Rob sick..I feel bad but he said he didnt care but I still feel bad... :( My nose is so stuffy..Rob has made me take so much medicine today..he just wants me to feel better and I want to feel better also. God..I want Rob so bad..I just want to go over to the couch and jump him! LOL!
Rob is watching "King of the Hill," its such a gay show. We were watching "Family Guy" which is an awesome cartoon. Rob bought me seasons 1 and 2 on our 3 month..and I bought him season 3 awhile back..so we have some fun time watching all the episodes. OKay..well I have to get going because Rob is giving me the look like he wants me...so im out...peace you mothas....lol!


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Oh my god..its been forever!!!   
04:17pm 05/03/2004
mood: awake
I never update in this thing anymore..because i'm always so busy with work and my new bf. Yep..I have a new bf and he is the greatest. His name is Rob..and I love him so much. We have been dating for a month...and two weeks or something like that. He is the best bf I have been with in such along time..he is always there for me through all the rough times that I go through..he doesnt treat me like shit if i'm depressed he will sit there and comfort me until I feel better. I love him so much..that I want to be with him forever..and I have decided to wait until marriage to have sex with him..thats how much I care about him.
Rob is different from all the other guys that I have been with..he respects me and treats me like im a human..not some cheap slut that he just wants to sleep with when he is lonely..(Matt) LOL!! So yeah thats all the good news that has happened to me from the last time I posted..and I dont even know when the last time was..like months ago..haha! So yeah...I am still working at walmart..it will be 3 years in August..that is terrible..I need to find a better job because I get paid shit at walmart. I only get 8.68 an hour and I have been there for 2 fucking years..its so shitty I tell ya!!! Oh well..I have to get ready now..because Rob is on his way to pick me up..I cant wait to see him. I havent seen him since last Friday..that boy is always sick..but im going to be there for him because I love him and care about him so much..you know? :) Well anyways..gotta go..later..

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02:12am 24/09/2003
mood: exhausted
2)RAN AWAY: Yes once...but I came back in like an hour.
5)CRIED WHEN SOMEONE DIED: yes..when my uncle died.
6)BROKEN A BONE: Yeah..when I was 8 months old..I broke my collar bone..I dont remember it though.
7)DRANK ALCOHOL: umm...yeah!
8)LIED: who hasnt?
9)CRIED IN SCHOOL: yeah..when I was having a bad day.

10)COKE OR PEPSI: Pepsi.
12)GIRLS OR GUYS: Girls..duh! lol!
14)MUFF OR CLEAN SHAVEN: do I have to answer this? lol.
15)QUIET OR LOUD: Quiet.
16)BLONDES OR BRUNETTES: Blondes..hehe.

20)WHAT DO YOU NOTICE FIRST: I notice his looks..and his eyes.
21)LAST PERSON YOU SLOW DANCED WITH: Rob G. That was at Lauries reception..

23)SHOWERED: This morning..
24)HAD SEX? August..been to long..haha!
25)HAD A GREAT TIME WITH THE OPPOSITE SEX: The other day with my baby..(John)

26)YOUR GOOD LUCK CHARM: My journal..I love to write in it..and it gives me luck.
27)PERSON YOU HATE THE MOST: I dont hate anyone.
28)THE BEST THING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU TODAY: Nothing really..because I worked all day..but I got to talk to John. :)

29)COLOR: Blue, purple, and silver.
30)MOVIE: "The Labrinth," "House on Haunted Hill," "Liar, Liar," and "Final Destination 2."
31)BOOK: "The Vision" By Dean Koontz.
32)SUBJECT IN SCHOOL: English/Writing/Reading/Photography.
33)JUICE: V8 Splash!
34)CARS: Converitable Corvettes. Metallic Blue!!
35)ICE CREAM: Mint Chocolate Chip..Cookies and Cream..and Moose Tracks.
36)HOLIDAY: Valentines Day..and Christmas.
37)SEASON: Fall..and summer.
38)BREAKFAST FOOD: Eggs and sausage..yum! PANCAKES!!!

40)SIT BY THE PHONE WAITING FOR A PHONE CALL ALL NIGHT: No not usually..unless "iam" expecting a phone call.
41)SAVE INTERNET CONVERSATIONS: sometimes..when I want to get back at that person.
42)SAVE EMAILS: yes from my good friends.

46)PERFUME: Tommy Girl..and Angel.
47)FRIENDS: Laurie, Angela, Kurt, April, Kristina, and Sean.
48)KISS: John. :)
49)ROMANTIC MEMORY: When I made out with a guy at Myrtle Beach..it was amazing.
50)MOST RECENT ADVICE GIVEN TO YOU: Dont put yourself down..your a good person.

53)HAVE PIERCINGS: Yes..six. belly button, two on each earlobe..and two on each ear of my cartlidge.
5)OWN A WEBCAM: yeah...its on my mom's digital camera.
56)OWN A THONG: of course..tons!
57)EVER GET OFF THE COMPUTER: yeah..when I have too.
58)SPRECHEN SIE DEUTSCHE: ya..ich bin..gutt! lol.
60)QUACK: huh?

61)Stolen anything: yes, I have and I will never do it again. Plus that was a very long time ago...
62)Smoke: I did..but I havent in years.
63)Schizophrenic: No.
64)Obsessive: Yeah..lol.
65)Compulsive: All the time..haha.
66)Obsessive Compulsive: OH YEAH!
68)Anxiety: Sometimes..
69)Depressed: Yeah..not lately though.
70)Suicidal: Yeah..but that was the past too.
71)Obsessed with hate: No.
72)Dream of mutilated bodies, blood, death, and gore?: No.
73)If you could be anywhere, where would you be?: I would like to be in a different country like..Paris or South Africa.
74)Can you do anything freakish with your body: No not really.
75)What facial feature do you find the most attractive: eyes..and mouths.
76)Would you vote for a woman candidate for president: Of course.
77)Would you marry for money: No.
78)Have you had braces: Yes..2 years.
79)Do you pluck your eyebrows: Yes..
80)Do you like hairy backs: No.
81)Could you live without a computer: No..I have to have my computer! hehe.
82)Do you use ICQ, AOL Buddy list, etc...? I use aim, yahoo, msn, not icq anymore though.
83)If so, how many people are on your lists: Alot.
84)If you could live in any past time period, which would it be?: umm..the 1800's..they wore some really neat clothes.
85)Do you drink enough water: sure?
86)Do you wear shoes in the house or take them off: I take them off when I get home...
87)What is your favorite fruit: Strawberries.
88)Do you eat wheat bread or white: White..and wheat.
89)Do you kiss on the first date: No.
90)Are you photogenic: sure sometimes..when I look good.
91)Do you dream in color or black and white: Color.
92)Are you wearing fingernail polish: yes..its the french tips.
93)Do you have any dimples: No.
94)Do you remember being born: No..
95)Why do you take survey's: because there is nothing else to do..
96)Do you drink alcohol: on occasions..
97)What is the best accent: British..and Australian.
98)Who do you want to kiss: John.
99)Do you like sunrises or sunsets the most: both.
100)Do you want to live to be 100?: No..thats to old.
101)Is a flat stomach important to you: yeah..but I dont worry because I have a nice flat stomach.
102) Are you loyal: sure.
103)Are you tolerant of other people's beliefs: If I believe..other then that not really.
104)When you watch movies at home, do you like the lights on or off? off..sometimes on.
105)Do you have nightmares frequently: Not anymore..I did when I was a kid.
106)Do you like your nose: yeah its okay.
107)Do you think you can draw well: I dont think so.
108)At what age did you find out Santa Clause wasnt real?: I think I was 8..
109)How many pairs of shoes are in your closet: Alot..
110)Do you like to wear the same shoes everyday or do you like variety? variety.
111)Do you write poetry: No.
112)Do you snore: Only when I am sick..thats what I have been told.
113)Do you sleep more on your back, front, or sides? sides..
114)Dog/cat? cat.
115)Do you lick stamps: yuck..thats grose.
116)Do you use an electric can opener? yes.
117)Have you ridden in a hot air balloon: yes..their fun and scary.
118)Which hurts the most, physical or emotional pain: Emotional..all the way.
119)Favorite TV shows: GH, The Real World, Road Rules, Dead Like Me, and Punk'd.
120)Do you know anyone who is clinically depressed: I dont think so.
121)Do you prefer a piano or violin: violin.
122)Are you a sex addict? haha..sure.
123)Do you know someone who has cancer? Yes..my Aunt she died of Brest Cancer.. :(
124)Do you like to argue: No..not really.
125)Do you hunt: No.
126)Do you like fast food joints, or expensive restaurants: both.
127)Would you rather visit a zoo or an art museum: zoo.
128)Do you have a middle name? Lynn..
129)Are you basically a happy person: yeah, iam hyper all the time.
130)Are you tired? Yes.
131)Did you drink anything with caffeine in it today? yes..soda.
132)How many phones do you have in your house: 4
133)How long is your hair: to my neck..its short.
134)Do you get along with your parents? sure..when their not being assholes.
135)What color of eyes do you prefer: Blue/Green
136)First name: Christina
137)Were you named after anyone? No.
138)Do you wish on stars? not anymore..dont believe in it.
139)When did you last cry: yeah..last week when I was thinking about past shit.
141)Do you like your handwriting: yes I do.
142)Who do you admire and why: Kirsten Dunst..she is amazing. She just knows..haha. Linkin Park too..because they express what they are feeling in their music.
143)What is the #1 priority in your life? to get a good job..and succeed.
144)What is your favorite lunchmeat? turkey.
145)Any bad habits: yeah..
146)What is your most embarrassing CD? I have a bunch.
147)If you were another person, would you be friends with yourself: umm...sure.
148)Are you a daredevil: No.
149)Have you ever told a secret you swore not to tell? yes..and I regreted it.
150)Have you ever stolen anything?: you asked this already..
151)Do looks matter: yeah sometimes..but personality is more important.
152)Have you ever misused a word and it sounded absolutely stupid: Yeah.
153)Do you think there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow: No.
154)Do fish have feelings: sure they do.
155)Are you trendy? not really.
156)How do you release anger? Just yell..and cry.
157)Where is your second? huh?
158)Do you trust others easily: it takes time for that..I dont trust many people.
159)What was your favorite toy as a child? rainbow brite, my little ponies, strawberry shortcake, and the care bears.
160)What class in school do you think is totally useless? Umm..foreighn languages.
161)Do you like sappy love songs? Not really..but when I am in love then its cool.
162)Have you ever been on radio or television: Televison..when I was younger I went to a daughter/father dance for valentines day..and they had you talk in a mic..and then they showed the dance on tv.
163)Do you have a journal: Yes I do..and I write in it everyday.
164)Do you use sarcasm a lot: Oh yeah..all the time.
165)Have you ever been in another country: Yes..Canada..ha!
166)What do you look for in a girl/guy? intelligence, good sense of humor, looks.
167)What is/are your nicknames?: Chriss, and Christie.
168)Would you bungee jump? hell yeah.
169)Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? not usually.
170)What are you worried about right now? that I need to get to sleep..or I wont wake up for work.
171)Do you think you are strong: sure..
172)What's your least favorite thing in the world: I dont have one.
173)How many wisdom teeth do you have? none..they havent grown in yet.
174)What would you change about yourself?: Nothing..I like me!
175)I need: to go to sleep.
176)I find: everything interesting in this world..haha.
177)I want: John!
178)I have: Boobs! haha!
179)I wish: I was close to my dad! :(
180)I love: all my friends.
181)I hate: everything! haha..jk!
182)I miss: John!
183)I fear: that I will never succeed in the future.
184)I feel: tired.
185)I hear: the humming of my computer.
186)I smell: the air freshner in my computer room.
187)I wonder: what am I going to do today?
188)I regret: being a bitch in the past.
189)You should: do what ever the hell you want!

ten movies you own:

1. Not Another Teen Movie
2. Get Over It!
3. Final Destination 2
4. The Crow: Salvation
5. The Ring
6. Pearl Harbor
7. Drop Dead Gorgeous
8. FearDotCom
9. The Cats Meow
10.American Pie 2

ten cds you own:

1. Dashboard Confessional- A Mark A Mission A Brand A Scar.
2. GlassEater-Everythings Beautiful When Your Not Looking Down.
3. Linkin Park-Meteora.
4. Linkin Park-Hybrid Theory.
5. Dashboard Confessional-Swiss Army Romance.
6. Dashboard Confessional-Places You Have Come To Fear The Most.
7. Eminem-The Eminem Show.
8. Linkin Park-Reanimation.
9. Chingy-Jackpot.
10. AFI-Sing The Sorrow.

five men/women you'd like to screw:
1. Josh Hartnett.
2. Sean William Scott.
3. Ashton Kuther.
4. Chester Bennington.
5. Jimmy Fallon.

last two movies you have seen in the theatres:

1. Charlies Angels: Full Throttle.
2. Freaky Friday.

two recent movies you want to see:

1. Cabin Fever.
2. Chainsaw Masacre.

three movies you need to buy:

1. Anger Management.
2. Levity.

three bands/groups you have seen in concert:

1. Linkin Park.
2. Metallica.
3. TrustCompany.

three bands/groups you want to see really badly:

1. Dashboard Confessional (seeing them on Oct. 4th)
2. Eminem.
3. The All American Rejects.

name all of the states you have been in/through:

1. Ohio.
2. Michigan (ha)
3. Texas.
4. Kentucky.
5. South Carolina.
6. North Carolina.
7. Maryland.
8. Florida.
9. West Virginia.
10. Virginia.
11. Tenessee.
12. Indiana.
top five places you'd like to live:

1. New York.
2. Hawaii.
3. London.
4. South Africa.
5. Australia

top three dream jobs:

1. Photographer.
2. Magazine Editor.
3. Photo Journalist.

five stores you could spend a million dollars at:

1. Pacific Sunwear.
2. Amazon
3. Homestar Runner. (haha)
4. Hot Topic.
5. FYI

Full Name?: Christina Lynn Gobie.
Born?: Galveston Texas.
Weight?: 127lbs.
Height?: 5'9
Brothers/Sisters?: Two brothers and one sister..Angel 16, Allen 23, and Richie 21.
What time is it now?: Time for bed..(4:34 am)

Goodnight!!!! Please take this and send it back to me..please? its fun.... :) Iam also posting it in journal..so comment with your results..thanks!


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02:44am 17/09/2003
mood: bitchy
Wow...its been so long since I have updated. Alot of things have been going on..Iam finally over Matt and things are going great for me. I have a new guy in my life..his name is John and I really like him alot. He is great..and he is such a sweetie to and I hope things go well with us. So yeah..iam talking to my friend Cory..and its interesting..and its fun too. lol! I had a really fun summer..I went camping with my sister, Rob, Nate, and Kristina. We had people coming and going..and it was really cool. I partied alot too...I met this guy named Shaun and we hung out and got wasted..that was fun. My sis is still seeing Max..and we get along alot better then before..Angel and I are really close now..and iam happy that we get along a lot better.
I am still working at walmart..and yeah. Enough about that. I am going to be 21 soon..October 27th..I cant wait..its going to be awesome. I have to get really drunk of course..hehe. I am going to a party too..Rob has the same b-day as me and we are going to celebrate it together. He is having friends over..and he invited me. :) That is going to be alot of fun..so yeah. I went to Lauries house last Friday...she is pregnant now. 3 months..iam happy for her..and I hope things go well for her. She is also married..its weird. I wanted to go to a party when I was over her house..but she didnt want to go..and I didnt want to ditch her..even though I really wanted to go.

Oh shit..I missed GH..I have to watch it in 5 mintues..comes on at 3 am..haha. I always go to bed so late..I really need to start a better sleeping situation. John came over..and he stayed until 1 am..because he has orientaion for his job..so I hope things go well for him. :) Well..iam done now..I dont know what else to write..I hardly do this anymore..I only did it because I was really bored..so enjoy..I probably wont update for along time again..haha. Later.

(Linkin Park!)