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Okay I know I dont update on this thing anymore..because I really dont have anything to talk about and I have been really busy. Well good seeing someone that I really like his name his Jud..:) He makes me happy and he makes me laugh too. I really hope things lead to more..cuz i'm really ready to move on and I like him alot to start a relationship. I just really hope he comes around..hehe. Well right now i'm at his house..and were watching the Italian Job..but i'm not really paying attention to it because im on Jud's laptop and im updating in livejournal..cuz i'm a big

Anyways..I have two jobs now and its stressful but its okay because i'm making money. I work at blockbuster and kmart..I have more hours at kmart then I do at blockbuster. So just chillin and shit..I went out to eat last night at the Olive Garden with Jud it was fun..and so sweet. I dont really know what else to talk about..ummmm...Jbom is gay i'm not part of that shit anymore. Everyone in the fucking club gained on me..because of the whole issue with Jon Fisher. He totally dis-owned me because I had DRAMA..AND BLAH BLAH BLAH! Oh well I really dont care..I just didnt tell any of you on livejournal so I thought I would tell you. LOL! Jud looks annoyed..because im on his computer..oh well he can suck my balls..hahahaha if I had any! JK. So anyways..I hate Rob Weis my ex as you all know about him..because I used to write about that fucker all the time in here..saying "Oh how much I love him and we are gonna last forever and get married.." and BLAH BLAH BLAH!! Well he doesnt talk to me anymore..and I could careless because im finally happy and moved on with someone I could have a future with..and I hope that happens.

Okay this post is getting really long..and I want to cuddle with Jud..cuz he looks so lonely over there sitting on the couch while im sitting on the bed typing in lame Okay I always say that..but then I sit and update such a Okay well im out..I will update later when I have more to talk about..Later all my peeps! LOL!
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