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Well its been awhile since the last time I wrote in here...(damn I say that alot when I havent So things have been alright..Rob and I are doing great..but I dont know if all of you on my friends list knows what happened a couple of weeks ago with Rob. If not..I will explain. Well Rob wasnt acting like his dad was worried and took him to the hospital..(its a long story so im gonna make it and he was just being so the doctor told his dad to take him to Haven Wick. So his dad took him..and they had to have him stay for observations..and it turned out that Rob is manic depressed..and bi-polar. I was so worried about him..I didnt see him for a whole week..because he was afraid of what I might think..if I seen him like that. He was worried that I would cry..and it would make him im glad that he did that..because I would of been a mess if I seen him. I kept him touch with his mom..and his sister..and they told me how he was doing. Hes out now..and much better..he is on medication now..he has some problems falling asleep..but hes doing alot better. I just have to be careful..not to stress him out..because I dont want him to go to the hospital again. But yea..hes okay..He is acting like himself now..and things between us are wonderful. I love Rob so much..but yea..anyways..
I was over his moms house for the weekend with him..and we just hung out and cuddled..Britt his sis was there..and her bf Jay..and we all just talked and had a good time. I love Britt..she is so cute..hehe. But yea..sweetest day was cute..Rob got me the cutest card..and I gave him a big hug and kiss. I got him a card..a huge caramello candy bar..and a stuffed was so cute so I had to get it for him..hehe. I wasnt feeling good on Friday night..because I was cramping..because my period was coming soon. So I couldnt sleep at all..Rob couldnt either..a side effect he has from his medication is that he always wakes up in the middle of the night..worried and doesnt know where he is..and he is scared cuz he had some kinda nightmare. So that worries me..alot. But yea..I couldnt sleep..then the next day I got my period..and I was feeling like hell. So Sunday strolls along..and i'm up all night..having the worse cramps ever..and I dont get any I call in the next day because I cant move..and I feel like im going to puke. I also couldnt fall asleep because Rob has a breathing problem or something..because he sleeps with his mouth open..and breathes really loud..its so annoying!! LOL! But yea..that was the worse part of the weekend..but other then that it was awesome..cuz I was with the love of my life..hehe.
So yea..I had to work 11-5 today..and it was so busy today..and no one cares about photo except Adam and I..and people sit there and dont offer to help ring on register when we are swamped with photos..I wish I was still working at was so much easier..and you didnt have to worry about being by yourself all the time. But manager Lynn is a bitch..and I cant stand her. She talks to me so rude..and treats me like im a little kid..she will ask me questions on how to do something..and I already know how to do it. I hate her!! I also hate asking the same question for every customer..."Do you have your cvs card today?: SO ANNOYING!! LOL! Okay im done bitchin..I really bored right now..I want to see Rob but he has plans to sit at home on his jk..I love you hunnie! LOL!
Okay...well I think im gonna go..because I need to stop babbling so yea comment if you ya all..god its cold!! LOL...later..
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