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I never write in this damn thing anymore..only when I am super bored and want to tell you all whats been going on. So yea..i'm still with Rob its been 6 months now..and im very happy with him he is the bestest! I was over his house today..and Kyle and Rachel came by and we ate Taco hell..yummy! LOL! It was alot of fun..Rachel is really cool..I can talk to her about things that I usually cant talk to someone that I just But anyways..I got a new car finally..a 2004 Cavalier LS and I got in brand new might I add that in..hehe. Its black..and I love it. Rob wants to help me mod it make it look alot cooler..but not right now because I need to save my money because I have a car payment and insurance. So really happy that I got a new car..I can actually drive places now. Oh on the 1st I went and seen Angela..that I havent seen in like 2 was great to see her again. We went and visited Dave S. and it was fun..we just sat there and talked. Then I drove home..and didnt get home until 1:30 am or something like that..I dont remember.
So yea..I am working at CVS will be two months on the 27th or something..not sure when I got hired in. Oh yea..I paid off my credit card bills finally..I cant pay off my national city card though because the balance is pretty Rob has been helping me out alot lately..we were having some problems a month ago..and we had to take a break. But we worked it out..and were alot closer now..and its awesome. I love him so much..and im glad that im with him.
Oh I got my nails done on Saturday..hehe. My sister is working with thats cool that she got a job finally so she can get I need to find another job..or get more hours so I can make my payments on my car and stuff..its gonna be a lot tougher now..but I can do it. Then when all that shit is taken care gonna get my own place..and Rob (I hope) will be moving in with me too. I went to see Robs therapist Chuck a couple of weeks ago with Rob..and it was nice to sit there and talk to someone..because I have been really depressed lately..and it really sucks. I have been doing alot better lately..with Rob there and all..and my parents. I'm getting along better with my mom now..we dont fight as much. Oh oh..when I went down to see Angela..I went and visted my dad too..and I talked to my was really nice to see them because I really did miss them alot.
I'm glad things are alot better for me now..I just need some medication and everything should be good. I want to to talk to someone..and I need medical insurance so I can get benefits..and I need to be working full time..since I got fired from walmart I dont have medical insurance anymore..or dental. So yea..I need to get that taken care of also. Damn I should probably get some sleep..its like 3:30 am..damn!! Okay..well goodnight BitCHeS!!! Hahaha!! BYe!!
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