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Oh much shit has gone down in the past month.I'm no longer working at walmart anymore..they fired me for the stupidest reason.but in a way im glad that they fired me because I was so sick of that place. Anyways...I have been looking for a new job..and its taking some time and its hard because not that many places are hiring. So yea..I have been hanging out with Rob alot and things are going great. I love him so much and he wants to help me with yea. I really dont know what else to type about..oh last Friday I got really was tons of fun and afterwards was great too..hehehe. I was with Rob..and he took care of me..because I was I had to go to the store to buy some more drinks..because we ran out. Rob was getting alittle annoyed with me being mean..I dont remember what I said but I felt bad...hehe. So yea..he came over Monday..and we just hung out and talked for most of the part.
He went home at 2:30am..and then I went to bed and fell asleep because I was really tired. I was up at 9:00am because I had a job interview with Rite Aid..but I dont think I got the job because they havent called me back. CVS called me today..and I have an interview with them on 3:00 yea thats going to be good..because I really need to get a job like right I hope I get the job. Well..I dont know what else to talk about so im gonna get going...peace!!
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