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Well things were pretty crappy the other day when I was at work. Before I was ready to go home..Kristen my manager called me up to Scott's office (hes the store manager.) So I finished helping a customer..and I go up there to see what Kristen wants. I kinda had a feeling of what was going to I didnt care. So Kristen goes into this whole scenerio of how I dont do my job..all that I did was forget to take some boxes to the back..and "supposely" I forgot to sweep and mop which I did. I was really pissed because they wouldnt even let it go..all they said was "were running a job here..your not supposed to bring your personal problems to work." Kristen really hates me..and she is finding a reason to fire me..and I dont think its fair because no one else in the photo lab gets in trouble if they do something wrong..its like Kristen is always picking on me.
So yea..another reason I was in the office was because I called in on Monday because I couldnt find a ride to work. Rob was sick..(I was at his house spending the I asked him to take me to work..)so he couldnt take I called some people and no one could take me so I had no choice to call in. My car has been acting up..and its really starting to piss me off because it always stalls when I go to drive it far. So I didnt want to drive..oh well Kristen is a bitch and I am not talking to her anymore.
So to end the story short..I got a decision day (its where you dont come in on your next scheduled day..and you get paid for sitting on your ass at home..)and I have to write a letter explaining why I want to keep my job..which I think it is really gay. Its like im in grade school or something..please can we be anymore immature? I really hate working at walmart..I get paid shitty and the people that work there are all stupid idiots. Oh and you know what else sucks? My three year raise is coming up in August..and I dont even get it because of the fucking decision day in my file! WALMART SUCKS!!!! I'm looking for a new job real soon..I got an application from costco and I just need to turn it in.

Okay enough about work..I hate that place. Rob and I got in a fight on Thursday..because I wanted him to come over and he didnt feel good again. I took it the wrong way like I always do..and yelled at him..I felt really bad because I said "fuck you" and I never talk to him like that. :( I was just in a bad mood..because of work and I didnt do anything all day except sleep and sit on my ass and watch "family guy." I shouldnt of took it out on he called me back and I aplogized a million times. Seriously..if I keep acting like this to gonna lose him. I love him so much..and I dont want to see something like this happen just because im a dummy and blew it..because of my rude mouth. I love Rob..and I want a future with him one I really gotta stop taking stuff out on him..because he doesnt deserve it at all. I just feel really bad for him..because he is always sick and I dont know what to do..I worry about him all the time and I wish I could help him. Anyways..I was over his house Wednesday and we just hung out there and talked and stuff..I love spending time with Rob.
So yea..thats all that has happened to me from the last time I updated. I hope thingd get better for me..because I really need to get my life on track because im not succeeding at all right now. I really hate my life..and I wish it was better. The only thing good in it right now is Rob..he makes me happy and I want him to be there by my side through everything and I want to be there for him also. Well..I think this is getting to i'm gonna get going. Aight later ya'!

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