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Wow...its been so long since I have updated. Alot of things have been going on..Iam finally over Matt and things are going great for me. I have a new guy in my life..his name is John and I really like him alot. He is great..and he is such a sweetie to and I hope things go well with us. So yeah..iam talking to my friend Cory..and its interesting..and its fun too. lol! I had a really fun summer..I went camping with my sister, Rob, Nate, and Kristina. We had people coming and going..and it was really cool. I partied alot too...I met this guy named Shaun and we hung out and got wasted..that was fun. My sis is still seeing Max..and we get along alot better then before..Angel and I are really close now..and iam happy that we get along a lot better.
I am still working at walmart..and yeah. Enough about that. I am going to be 21 soon..October 27th..I cant wait..its going to be awesome. I have to get really drunk of course..hehe. I am going to a party too..Rob has the same b-day as me and we are going to celebrate it together. He is having friends over..and he invited me. :) That is going to be alot of yeah. I went to Lauries house last Friday...she is pregnant now. 3 months..iam happy for her..and I hope things go well for her. She is also married..its weird. I wanted to go to a party when I was over her house..but she didnt want to go..and I didnt want to ditch her..even though I really wanted to go.

Oh shit..I missed GH..I have to watch it in 5 mintues..comes on at 3 am..haha. I always go to bed so late..I really need to start a better sleeping situation. John came over..and he stayed until 1 am..because he has orientaion for his I hope things go well for him. :) Well..iam done now..I dont know what else to write..I hardly do this anymore..I only did it because I was really enjoy..I probably wont update for along time again..haha. Later.
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